The Importance of Detox in Recovery

The Importance of Detox in Recovery

The long-term abuse of alcohol or drugs leads to an eventual physical dependence on a substance. Any attempt to cease or control the usage of these substances may result in acute withdrawal symptoms in dependent individuals.
This is why the process of detoxification is specifically designed to treat the physical effects of withdrawal and to gradually remove toxins from the body. Medically supervised detoxification is a safe systematic process typically conducted under the close supervision and care of a physician and a team of registered nurses.

Any attempt on the part of the user to quit on their own can lead to serious withdrawal that can result in seizures or even death. The severity and duration of withdrawal is influenced by the level of dependency on the substance and a few other factors which include:
• Length of time abusing the substance
• Type of substance abused
• Route Of Administration (e.g., smoking, injecting, or swallowing, snorting)
• Amount of substance taken each time
• Genetic makeup of the individual
• Medical and mental health factors associated with substance use

The in-patient detoxification process practiced at Canadian Addiction Rehab Centre allows the user to detoxify while being closely monitored by professionals. It is important to note that medical detoxification is only the first step in the treatment of addiction and deals with the physical symptoms of a patient’s recovery. Following detoxification, it is highly recommended that the patient seeks psychotherapeutic treatment to address the dependency and mental health issues that accompany addiction.

Should you make the important decision to seek help for your addiction, it is imperative that you choose a rehabilitation centre that provides medically supervised detoxification. At Canadian Addiction Rehab Centre we will assist you with your recovery every step of the way. A new and better life is possible!

Paul Millage
Addictions Counsellor, ACSW
Canadian Addiction Rehab Centre