Canadian Addiction Rehab Reviews

These are just some of the overwhelmingly positive comments and addiction rehab reviews Canadian Addiction Rehab has received. Thanks to our Staff for making such a huge difference in our client’s lives.

5 Stars
Addiction Rehab Reviews


Chris and his team got my son and daughter-in-law out of their misery and they had a good time doing it. The place is amazing. First it's in a beautiful location. The accommodations are great, the kitchen is awesome, there is a lot to do if one wishes to participate but there is no pressure on anyone to do anything. All in all, a great place to focus on your problem and fix it.


Cousellors and Nurses are very nice and helpful people. Thanks for Everything!


I liked the location which is peaceful and serene, Counsellors and support staff are amazing!


What an amazing place! Clean, very friendly and caring staff, excellent rooms, and an amazing owner. You can tell they really care about their patients! This is very important. The setting is also very tranquil. Also important for recovery. I would highly recommend this rehabilitation centre. It will be life changing.


Outstanding treatment facility. Excellent, caring staff with stellar credentials. I have been working in the field of addiction for 15 years, and I can tell you that the Canadian Addiction Rehab is definitely on top of my list. One of the only treatment centers in Canada that has a real medical detox. The owner has walked the walk, and he makes sure that everyone gets the help that they need to stay on the path to Recovery.


A life changing experience for a close friend of mine, I am so happy you came and got the help you needed and deserved. Thank you to Chris , the nurses & staff ! Your support and care is unmatched!!! Today we celebrate your new way of life!


Words cannot adequately express how incredible Chris and his staff took care of my loved one. They went out of their way to help us complete a successful intervention in order to save our loved ones life. For that, we will be forever grateful to Chris, and his staff. Chris made a point of clearing his schedule and assisting us in the intervention from start to finish. He brought my loved one directly to his facility, and made sure that everyone, was comfortable, and at ease. Going through something as stressful and life threatening as this situation was, I am happy to report that Chris guided us every step of the way. He was very helpful in explaining to us what we needed to do in order to help our family member. Once in the facility, Chris was very instrumental in making sure we understood what and how things would progress. We were so relieved to know that our loved one was safe and that they were going to get the help they needed. Chris did a remarkable job, and his faculty and staff are second to none.


Thank you Canadian Addiction Rehab. For the care you showed towards my husband and especially myself as I struggled to cope with his alcohol addiction. Helping to learn how not to enable him. You listened to us and gave us the tools we needed to move forward. I would recommend you to anyone in need of help coping with their struggle with addiction. And I have recommended you numerous times. Thank you again for all the care you showed.


Hello , if you know someone that is fighting for there life right now ....Look no feather ! This program is the real deal ! It did for me what doctors have tried for 15 years ! It’s more then getting clean it’s understanding why we used in the first place ! What’s is trauma ? CBT .. read up on it to help your love one to understand and help you to get them into this program . It will change there life forever as it has mine . I just have to say they will feel A little guilty going to this resort ? Lol .. Detox is only one part of the process there’s so much more to recovery ! You really need to understand what, why and how you got there ! Is the biggest part of living a clean and sober life ! Help find there new drug .. living life to there fullest potential ! High on life ?? Thank you to all the staff and Mr.Fagan