Daily Life

Daily Life - Skills & Routine

Canadian Addiction Rehab believes that a major part of successful recovery is returning to daily life. For many of our clients, daily routine no longer existed because of their addiction. There are many elements of our program designed to help people return to regular life. This also includes expectations that they will fulfill certain responsibilities during their stay and work on skills required to be successful after addiction rehab.

Daily Routines

We establish daily schedules for all meals, programming and meetings. We expect our clients to follow this schedule as part of their treatment. This helps to create routine and planning skills that they can use when they go home, back to work and cope with day to day activities.

Personal Hygiene & Self Care

Our program emphasizes taking caring of yourself. Our councilors make sure that individuals spend time with personal hygiene and grooming. In many cases during addiction, this is one of the neglected aspects of our clients’ life. This helps with self esteem and participating in daily programs and ultimately gives you confidence when you are back home and recovering.

Living Space Care

We all know how much work it is to take care of a household. While we provide in room and facility cleaning services, clients are expected to keep their living area and common areas clean and orderly. They are also responsible for laundry. Once they return to their daily life, they will need to be able to keep up with chores at home.

Diet & Nutrition

Addiction causes great harm to your body and can deplete your system of the nutrients you need for energy and recovery.

Our in-House Chef and food staff provide nutritious and balanced meals full of fruits and vegetables. You can consult with the team to address any allergies or food preferences you may have. Our staff can work with you to develop meal programs moving forward.

Sleep & Rest

The facilities at Canadian Addiction Rehab are comfortable, quiet and safe. Our clients are encouraged to establish a regular sleep routine and to get plenty of rest. Sleep is something that can have significant impact on your health.

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