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The Truth about Marijuana – Effects and Addiction

Marijuana, the dried leaves, stems, flowers and the seeds from the hemp plant are one of the most popular and commonly used drugs in the United States. Containing delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a mind altering chemical, Marijuana is widely used by the younger generation. The rate of marijuana users is increasing every single passing minute – it has already been legalized in many states and several other states are considering it as well.. Using marijuana has a number of short term and long term effects on the brain. Short-term Effects of Marijuana Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) quickly passes from the lungs to bloodstream as [...]

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Meditation as an Addiction Recovery Solution

Recovering from addiction requires a lot of focus and sound mental health. Focus doesn’t come easily and can only be achieved through practice. One of the many means of attaining focus is through meditation. Meditation is an effective way to combat addiction as it increases the will power and self control of an individual, providing them with the kind of clarity they need to get better. It might not be an immediate and overall solution to achieving recovery, however, when it is combined with other recovery methods, it can yield surprising results. Indulging in the right meditation can help ease [...]

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Life after Addiction Recovery

Life after Recovery – Getting Back on Your Personal and Professional Pathways Adjusting to everyday life can be stressful and difficult after the addict gets discharged from rehab. It is pretty common to relapse into the old habits and patterns within the first few weeks of getting discharged. One of the major aspects of a good treatment plan is providing effective aftercare. Aftercare Addiction Aftercare starts after the treatment plan is completed. The addicts no longer need the level of services they were subjected to before and are able to perform in the real world efficiently if they are provided [...]

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Exercise and How It Links to Addiction Recovery

One of the first things that a person neglects when they become a victim to addiction is their health. Addiction to drugs and alcohol adversely affects the physical and emotional well being of a person. The physical damages of chemical dependency affect many body functions. Exercising in addiction recovery treatment is an important factor that can help in making the addicts better. There are some primary benefits of exercising during the recovery phase that can help the addict in returning to normal life in a healthy manner. Exercise Reduces Stress and Relieves Tension Known to alleviate both psychological and physical [...]

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Are You Addicted to Anything Other than Drugs and Alcohol?

  Different forms of Addiction Addiction, is not limited to drugs and alcohol. In fact, it is not limited to substances abuse. There are different forms of addiction and similarly you will also find a number of things one can become addicted to even when they know it’s harmful. Addiction is a life altering and debilitating issue. From benign addictions such as a daily cup of coffee to deadly drugs, addictions are always bad. Narcotics One of the most common forms of addiction is not being able to give up narcotics. Not just limited to illegal drugs, this form of [...]

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Addiction as a Cure to Addiction

Addiction as a Cure to Addiction – Why It Doesn’t Work Well When a person is in the phase of recovery, they might find it tempting and an easy way out to trade their current addiction with another one. This typically occurs during the phase of treatment to recover from the original addiction. Everybody who has battled the curse of addiction understands this concept – you go from drinking to eating, from smoking to shopping, and the list goes on. Substituting one addiction for another is perceived by addicts as compensation for the perceived emotional emptiness they experience during recovery. [...]

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Tips to Decrease the Risks of Relapse

Recovering from drug addiction takes time, hard work, and a very strong rehab treatment. After one of your loved ones has completed their therapy and returned home, this is where the real challenge starts. The temptations to return to drugs increase when a person returns to his normal life and indulges in everyday activities. This is a challenging time but there are ways that can be used to analyze the risk of relapse for previous drug addicts. Avoiding relapse might look challenging at first, but with the following ways, you can reduce the risk of relapsing to drug addiction again. [...]

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6 Serious Stigmas about Addiction and How to Avoid Them

Stigmas are the most difficult and meanest aspects of addiction because it makes it very hard for the addicts as well as their families to deal with their drug related problems. Many of us still believe that drug addiction is a weakness and character flaw that cannot be cured. The stigma is so deep rooted in our society that even with scientific evidence refuting it, people refuse to accept the truth. There are a number of stigmas that revolve around drug addiction and addicts. Here are 6 of the more serious ones: 1.    Addicts Lack Strong Morals Becoming an addict [...]

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Offering Emotional Support to a Loved One in Rehab

The suffering and pain of addiction is not limited to the addict; the family members share an enormous amount of burden as well. Feelings like fear, shame, anger, frustration and guilt are very common. And the family members usually endure the consequences of the loved one’s addiction including the stress of financial costs, worry and the adjustments they have to make to accommodate the lifestyle of the addict. Friends and family are usually very busy trying to help the addict, but they may not be helping them in the right way. After the addict has gone to rehab, communicating effectively [...]

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How to Make Sure Rehab Really Works for You

When it comes to substance abuse, difficult choices need to be made. When you decide to go into rehab, it is important that you work together with your helpers to get rid of the addiction. There are a number of drug rehab facilities that you can join, but until you decide to make the treatment work, you won’t be able to get any positive results. So the question here is, what do you need to do to make sure rehab really works for you? Rehab depends on a number of factors including professional and personal ones. It is important that [...]

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