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“In the not so distant past I was controlled by my addiction.  I had problems that seemed so deep-rooted and complex I never could imagine living a fulfilling and productive life.  My stay at Canadian Addiction Rehab empowered me to face my demons, put them into perspective and create a clear path to the peace I enjoy today.  I am incredibly grateful for the unfailing support of the staff who helped me change what I thought was a hopeless existence into one of freedom, success and self-worth.”

Pierre D

“Canadian Addiction Rehab is a place that has afforded me a new starting point in my life where I can live in a healthy way. It gives you all the tools you need with one on one counseling that really does address my personal demons. The counselors are professional and caring people who do their jobs well. The nursing staff are all top-notch, working in a caring manner in which they are always approachable. The setting itself is in the beautiful Caledon countryside with acres of land and amenities. The centre has definitely given me a new lease on life and has released me from the unhealthy behaviours of my past and now I can live with mindfulness that keeps me grounded in life.”

Kyle M

“Since I made my decision my time at Canadian Addiction Rehab has been a life changing experience. I would describe the staff and nurses as life savers. The impact they had on me was tremendous. I definitely would not be where I am today in my sobriety had it not been for the treatment I received from the centre.

The counselors and nurses are available 24/7. Meetings/talks/one on one support is provided on a constant basis. It is such a reassuring feeling to know they are there for you anytime you need. The access to a personal trainer has had a very positive impact on my wellbeing. Not only do you receive a nutritional and health class once a week but he also provides professional one on one consultations including personal workouts.

The staff never give up on you and they push you forward to visualize what the future has to offer apart from active addiction. With the tools they have provided I now have the confidence to make it through any bumps in the road as they come. I am on a completely different path now. A path that has a light at the end, and not a dark hole. It’s beautiful! I feel a way I have never felt before, so incredibly charged and powerful.

Canadian Addiction Rehab is now part of my life, a piece of me that I will carry around forever. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the owner and the staff for their dedication to my addiction recovery.”

Kim J

“Canadian Addiction Rehab is establishing itself as a highly respected program for people who suffer from addictions as well as concurrent mental health disorders. The program design is comprehensive and dynamic in nature. As a client who has in the past been a client of other residential and non-residential programs I felt for the first time that I was in a program that was adapting to my needs rather than being challenged to adapt to the programs itself. Though I had a primary counselor, at no time was I without compassion, understanding and the full attention of all staff members when needed. I would highly recommend this organization for anyone needing help.”

David K

To Canadian Addiction Rehab and your first class wonderful staff!
You saw me falling to pieces and you reached out and pulled me back into who and what I truly am. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you and this family in my life. I was dying fast and you saved my life and made it worth living again. Thanks for caring, looking after me and making my stay here one that I will truly never forget. You are the best!


Rocks on the road? Store them all and one day you will build a castle!
I came to Canadian Addiction Rehab beaten, battered, bruised and had given up on life and myself! Immediately I sat down with a counselor while my intake was being done, and I ate my first proper meal in 6 months. The one thing that really stuck out in that conversation was that the next 30-90 days was for me. I was not there to work on or for anyone else, just to take this time and “do me”. It may sound selfish but you are in this program for yourself and to get better.
You will only get from the program what you put in. If you are willing and prepared to give it your all then the doors will begin to open, relationships will begin to mend and the opportunities will be endless! Keep in mind that we did not get to this point in our lives overnight. Give recovery and rediscovery time and give it a chance because you are more than worth it and there are people who love you and want nothing but the best for you.
Canadian Addiction Rehab is exactly that, life changers! They changed my life! Not only did they change it but best of all they saved my life. If not for Canadian Addiction Rehab, their program and most of all the counselors, I wouldn’t be here to write this. I would just have a stone marker saying “He didn’t work it but he was worth it”.
All the staff there really get it. They lived it. All they want is to help you succeed! Its still up to you and the work still needs to be done but they have the tools you need to help you long the way… So use them!!!!!
All I can really say is that I am so thankful to the owner of Canadian Addiction Rehab, for everything he has done and has sacrificed to help other people who are suffering. I thank each and every one of the counselors for helping me and walking along side me on my path to recovery.
Canadian Addiction Rehab saved my life and it can save yours too!
“It works if you work it so work it cause you’re worth it”


I came to Canadian Addiction Rehab in early January 2016. I was beaten up physically, mentally and spiritually with no motivation to change my life and the way I was living it but I accepted the gift of treatment. As my body and mind healed, and got clearer and more focused, I started to see with the help of my counselor’s guidance (who I now call my friends). The insanity I created and was living on a daily basis, which at the time, I thought was normal. I was sick, suffering from the disease of addiction and everyone recognized my disease except me.
My first day in treatment was a challenge both mentally and physically, but the professionals here at Canadian Addiction Rehab welcomed me with positive attitudes and the words of encouragement that I would and could get better (rediscover myself) just one day at a time. They told me to trust the process so I did just that.
My counselors (who I now call friends), stayed with me and continued to focus on doing everything they are trained to do, allowing me to go from “no hope” and depression to “acceptance of change” and the freedom to live my life happy and content, the way I deserve to live it. You deserve this opportunity and freedom too.
If you suffer like I do, accept my advice and challenge to make the call that will connect you with the people that care that are on the same communication level as you are, and are ready, willing and able to help you make a change in your life, if you really want it. You are worth it and Canadian Addiction Rehab believes you are worth it too.
End the suffering; make the life changing call right now. I would be happy to share my story or talk to anyone at any time about my recovery and my time spent at Canadian Addiction Rehab.
Yours in recovery and a new way of life.