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Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre

Welcome to Addiction Canada Rehab

If you’re looking for non-government alcohol and/or substance abuse and addiction treatment for yourself, a loved one, or a friend, Canadian Addiction Rehab can help.

At Canadian Addiction Rehab, we treat every client as an individual – with unique needs medically, clinically, and spiritually. Our alcohol and drug addiction treatment program has been created to address the general needs of the abuser/addict and set them on the path to successful recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.

Our Location

Canadian Addiction Rehab is conveniently located in the beautiful country setting of Caledon Village, on 98 acres of a hilly countryside, in a safe, active healthy and enjoyable community. Caledon is Canada’s safest town and Ontario’s greenest town. The small town is a blend of urban and rural, modern and historic, all nestled between the hills of Headwaters, Oak Ridges, Moraine and Niagara Escarpment.

We have a professional office, Plus a separate (adjacent) Dormitory building with 20 separate bedrooms, central eating area, Commercial type kitchen, as well as:

  • Large Pond
  • Soccer fields
  • Beautiful setting

Our clients also get to enjoy a variety of facilities, including:

  • Chef on site
  • Hiking and running paths
  • Yoga and meditation room
  • Games room
  • Fully equipped fitness room
  • Plenty of activities planned out on weekly basis

What to expect at our alcohol and drug detox facility

At Canadian Addiction Rehab, we understand that your arrival at our Caledon-based facility can be a nervous time. You probably have more questions than answers, and have no idea of what is waiting for you ahead. Our professional team appreciates your apprehension and is dedicated to making you feel welcome and comfortable from the instant you arrive.

There are no waiting lists in our facility, so you can expect to be admitted on the same day you arrive to get started on your recovery as soon as possible. We have some rules about things that are allowed within the facility, including a dressing code, as well as things that you should not bring into the facility so you don’t compromise your recovery, or that of other members. In this regard, all bags and belongings that you come with will be thoroughly inspected for your protection and that of your peers.

The Detox Process

If you have been using excessive amounts of alcohol or drugs, and have heard about the severity of withdrawal symptoms, then you should not be afraid of undergoing the detox process as our highly capable team will be monitoring your progress every step of the way.

The detox process is aimed at more than just helping you get back on your feet. We recognise that you’re committed to recovery, which is why you’re here. Treating your withdrawal symptoms in detox will create the opportunity to treat your psychological dependence on alcohol or drugs. Even after your transfer from detox to your private room, our professional staff will still be available for ongoing consultation and guidance during the remainder of your stay at Canadian Addiction Rehab.

Get in touch with us Today to get started on your recovery. Contact us for information on how you can get help for you or your loved one today.

Canadian Addiction Rehab
5th and 7th Floors 1235 Bay St.
Toronto, ON

Phone: 1-855-655-3636
Email: info@canadianaddictionrehab.ca

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