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Getting the Best Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine, even though it is highly glamorized in television shows and movies, is a highly dangerous drug. Regardless of the ill effects of using the drug, it remains highly popular among people looking for recreational drugs. According to an estimate, 145 of the adults in the country have experimented with using this drug at least once in their life.

The excessive usage and popularity of cocaine can be judged from the fact that there is no other drug that drives as many people to drug treatment centers as cocaine addiction treatment. The drug is mentally and physically addictive; and also harms the body in a number of ways.

Consequences of Using Cocaine

Since cocaine is found to work on the pleasing centers of the brain very quickly, its effects are more immediate and distinct than other drugs. Abuse of cocaine has both short-term and long-term effects and people tend to struggle with them for long if they do not take proper treatment for these.

Short-Term Effects

The reason that users feel high when they take in cocaine and other illicit drugs is that taking these drugs causes chemicals like serotonin and dopamine to be absorbed by the body in an incorrect manner. They not only interfere with the chemical absorption in the body, but also with the brain nerves. This is what creates and instant sense of euphoria. There is an immediate boost in the overall energy and the users experience a sense of mightiness and feel as if they are invincible. Users feel less sleepy and less hungry as well.

These are the immediate, and often desired, effects of taking in cocaine; but what are the negative effects that come along? Using cocaine has a number of negative effects on the body and brain. Irritability, restlessness, paranoia, panic and anxiety are some of the effects that are caused by cocaine. The short-term effects, however, also depend on how the users are taking cocaine. Injecting or smoking cocaine can cause intense feelings of high but are short lived. On the other hand, if the drug is snorted, it causes less intense but prolonged sensations.

Long-Term Effects

Regardless of the drug being portrayed as not much addictive and termed as a party drug, the consequences of cocaine are serious, that is why people tend to flock to treatment centers in large numbers for cocaine addiction. Some of the long-term effects associated with cocaine usage include but are not limited to headaches, heart arrhythmia, ulcers, abdominal pain and nausea. Using cocaine for long term can also damage kidneys. As mentioned before, the way this drug is taken also influences the effects it will cause to the addict. If it is snorted, the user can experience nosebleeds, itchiness, hoarseness, and nasal septum. Injecting the drug can lead to allergic reaction, puncture marks and may also cause collapsed veins.

Cocaine and the Risk of Stroke

Although the side effects of using cocaine addiction are well known, but the fact that it can drastically increase the risk of getting stroke is one of the leading causes of why many cocaine addicts are resorting to treatment centers. One of the main reasons to encourage someone to get treatment for cocaine is the increased risk of a dangerous stroke that can take place anytime.

There is no denying of the fact that cocaine can be highly addictive, but the fact that it can cause to permanent disabilities or even death has been recently discovered. It has also been recently suggested that young people admitted to hospitals for strokes should be checked for the use of cocaine.


Using cocaine continuously can change its status from being used as a recreational drug to becoming a physical and mental need due to addiction. Since the duration of the ‘high’ is relatively low when it comes to cocaine, users tend to take in higher amounts more frequently. This increases their chances of becoming increasing dependent on cocaine.

If the use of cocaine continues, the mind and body of the addict becomes dependent on cocaine for feelings of pleasure, happiness and self worth. The natural things that cause the same effects for other people fail to create them in cocaine addicts. Hence, they tend to go back to the same drug because it is their resort to happiness and pleasure. Cocaine becomes their way of dealing with all kinds of problems they might be facing.

Since cocaine is not only highly addictive but also very dangerous, it is important that treatment for the same is looked for as soon as you believe things are getting out of hand. Getting treatment for cocaine is the best option to avoid all the problems that are associated with the use of cocaine. With proper help and expertise, it is possible to get rid of cocaine dependence.

Choosing the Right Cocaine Addiction Treatment Plan and Center

One of the problems with treatment programs of cocaine is that they tend to stop as soon as the user leaves the premises of the treatment center. It is, however, important to understand that the treatment of cocaine addiction is not limited to the premises but is a life-long process. Just because someone enrols in drug rehab facility does not mean that the risk of relapse is minimal.

Getting treatment for cocaine addiction is important but one should also consider the social and personal factors that come into play in this matter. Life after recovery is not easy especially when you are faced with pressures of all sorts and kinds. Thus, the treatment plans that do not include the strategies to avoid the risk of relapse might not work for most of the cocaine users.

Aftercare is a very important aspect of cocaine treatment. The risk of relapse in such drugs is high and as long as the treatment plan does not incorporate aftercare, they are flawed. On the other hand, if someone enrols in the rehab program and takes care of the after recovery things to do, there is a high chance that they will not relapse into the same phase of addiction again.

Remember, the right treatment plan is the one that looks beyond the premises of the treatment center. It is, therefore, important that you choose the treatment plan and treatment center wisely and look for the one that believes in the making addicts turn into sober people and continue helping them to remove the risk of relapse.


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