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Drug Rehab Mississauga

Canadian Drug & Alcohol Rehab Mississauga, Ontario is a tastefully designed facility offering multiple addiction treatment programs for Mississauga individuals who are tired from dealing with the adverse effects of addiction and are ready to transform their lives.

Our rehabilitation centre is just one of the many facilities serving the Ontario population. But out comprehensive addiction rehabilitation programs are intended to help people who want to do more than just stop using alcohol or drugs; you need to confront the reason why you started using in the first place so you never feel the need to start using again.

Our facility stands out from the rest serving the Mississauga population because we offer multiple treatment approaches to give you or your loved one the best possible care. Our treatment programs and techniques make maximum use of the skill and training of our highly proficient staff so we can address every need of an addict that comes to us with the hope of complete recovery.

Our Promise

In our Ontario facility, we make only one promise to our patients: to provide the best treatment and care and ensure complete recovery from the influence of alcohol or drugs. To make our promise actionable, we have the most proficient, efficient, and reliable staff with skills in a wide range of rehabilitation-related fields to support our clients through the difficult and life-changing challenges that come with addiction.

Our state of the art facility creates the ideal environment for Mississauga patients to confront and overcome their issues, and transform their lives for the better. It is a recovery home that can bring about the much needed change in the lives of our addicts.

Our detox programs are closely monitored and keenly supervised by our highly trained and proficient team that has had backgrounds in medical advisory and detox nursing. When it comes to managing alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms, our experienced physicians are up to the task, ensuring an easy and pain-free process for the addict.

In addition to implementing world-class detoxification programs, we, at Canadian Addiction Rehab, also offer counselling and awareness sessions that are tailored to bring the fuzzy life of a recovering addict back on track. We attempt to intervene in their problems and assist them to find solutions.

Our detox approach

We know how tough detoxification can be, so we try to make the process as comfortable and safe as possible by employing the following approach:

  • Comprehensive assessments – The first step is for our treatment team to conduct comprehensive assessments on the client and determine the appropriate detox protocols depending on the patient’s medical and drug history, as well as their personal needs.
  • Medication – We use a wide range of medications that are proven to be safe and effective for managing withdrawal symptoms, which are administered by members of our proficient team
  • Relapse management – After a successful detox, we ensure that the client does not exhibit any signs of resuming their old life through interventions and counselling

A clear vision to offer a path to recovery

Remember that our addiction programs cater to every need. At Canadian Addiction Rehab, we are always open and ready to get started on your recovery, especially when the long wait times and costly programs associated with government facilities are holding you back and frustrating your resolve to get clean. If you’re in the Mississauga area and need help, contact our team today.