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When it comes to choosing a drug and alcohol abuse treatment facility, the location of the centre means very little. It is the professionalism and quality of service that really counts. Canadian Addiction Rehab, in Ontario, is the best option for all abusers who need help with alcohol or substance dependence.

Our facility targets five locations in Ontario, and are committed to supporting families and individuals by providing a range of services, from prevention and early intervention to treatment to recovery support and continuing care.

Our services include:

1. Family addiction rehabilitation

Here at Canadian Addiction Rehab, we know that addiction does not affect just one individual, but his/her family, as well. As such, we have a professional on staff that meets every week with concerned patients, family, and friends. We even arrange for online group sessions so that concerned people from any part of the country, continent, or world can take part in this important component of addiction recovery.

2. Alcohol and drug treatment

At Canadian Addiction Rehab, we provide individual attention in small groups for our residential treatment program. Additionally, clients have the option of additional support for up to 10 months afterwards, or even longer as needed. Our highly trained, certified, and experienced staff monitor addiction recovery for each of our patients receiving treatments. We provide natural and organic meals, biochemical and nutrition education, and coaching and mental health sessions, among others.

3. Talk therapy

Thinking is a critical component of addiction rehabilitation. Even after successfully going through biochemical repair, there is still the possibility of relapse when the addict begins to believe that they can use again safely. Talk Therapy is designed to steer away our recovering clients from past experiences and towards a shift in current thinking that will help them away from substance abuse for life. Our therapists are highly proficient in this technique, which when combined with other approaches, adds to 20 percent success rate associated with Talk Therapy.

4. Biochemical restoration

At Canadian Addiction Rehab, we try to understand the psychological implications of addiction. Our addiction rehabilitation process employs a combination of Talk Therapy and Biochemical Restoration, together with lifestyle and emotional skills coaching, as we feel that chemical balance is important for long-term sobriety.

5. Counselling for a new, healthy lifestyle

Substance abuse tends to ravage relationships within the addict and also between the addict and other people. The result is loneliness as the addict leaves his/her family and friends, which may cause them to fall back to substance abuse. Counselling helps the recovering clients to build back their confidence and self worth as they create a new person.

We are dedicated to the needs of our clients

Our facility is privately run without the involvement of the government or other entities, which means that our only obligation is to the needs and well-being of our clients – not profits. Needless to say, we take that obligation very seriously. Every member of our team offers support, understanding, grace, and encouragement.

If you or a loved one is struggling to find their way to recovery in Ontario, or in our target regions, including Toronto, Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, and Scarborough, you are welcome to our residential facility. We are supportive, effective and affordable.