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The Centre for Mental Health and Addiction Rehab located in the beautiful 1000 Islands is a premium addiction treatment facility in Canada for the people who are suffering from substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues.

With our highly successful procedures and processes, our Centre for Mental health and addiction rehab provides treatment plans for substance abuse addicts who are struggling to get rid of their addiction.

What do we offer?

As a premium addiction centre in the city, we offer the best treatment programs for all kinds of drug treatments. We provide treatment for the following:

Our personalized addiction treatment and mental health programs are based on the individual needs of the clients. We aim at treating the whole person and not just the addiction he is suffering from. With a range of treatment options, our specialists will take care of each aspect when you enrol in our treatment programs at theCentre for Mental Health and Addiction.

 Our Approaches

Canadian Addiction Rehab takes pride in helping clients in overcoming the various kinds of addiction problems they may be facing. For treating people struggling with addiction and mental health issues, we use the following approaches:

Psychotherapy: Having renowned psychotherapists on our panel, we provide counselling and psychotherapy to our clients. Cognitive behavioural therapy is one of the approaches used widely in psychotherapy

Neuro-psychotherapy: Having the services of highly experienced neuro-psychotherapists, we take care of your mood and anxiety issues. Our specialists suggest the most effective strategies and a recovery program to take you through the process.

Holistic Approach: Our holistic approach to drug rehab and addiction identifies and treats the addicts through holistic treatment programs. We take care of all the aspects of recovery from detoxification to stress management and other issues.

Naturopathy: This approach includes specialists that try to address the underlying causes of the problems rather than just looking just at the bigger picture. Addiction is a complex illness and therefore, we make sure that all the dimensions are addressed to reach recovery as a whole.

Alternative Therapy: As the name suggests, this approach is based on applying therapeutic exercises as a part of the treatment plans to help people struggling with drugs and mental issues. This approach includes the use of yoga, music, tai chi and art to help individuals indulge in fast healing.

Why Choose Us?

  • Well structured and highly successful treatment process
  • Specialists in every field
  • After recovery

If you are struggling with drug addiction or a mental health problem or know someone who might need help with theirs, help is just a call away:

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