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Addiction Treatment Winnipeg Residents Can Trust

Canadian Addiction Rehab is an Ontario-based facility that provides addiction rehab for Winnipeg and the rest of Canada. Staffed by a team of the best professionals in Canada, we help individuals with all kinds of addictions, including fentanyl, OxyContin, morphine, methadone and much more. We also work with dual diagnoses: people who have coexisting mental illness conditions such as anxiety, depression and PTSD. Canadian Addiction Rehab founder Chris Fagan is himself a former Fentanyl addict, and he has designed the facility and programming to provide exactly what recovering addicts need.

Unique Treatment Programs For Unique Individuals

People who suffer from addictions all get there by their own paths. Some addictions result from abuse or traumatic events. Others have pre-existing mental illness conditions that are not adequately treated. Some people become addicted as a result of the way they are raised or the people they associate with. Everybody has unique personalities and circumstances, and our addiction rehab programs are designed to respect these differences. All clients are given a program that is custom-made just for them, with consideration for their physical and emotional needs. Every element, from medical detox to the length of stay and the therapeutic methods used, is decided on an individual basis.

The Right Environment For Healing

Some people might wonder why it would be worthwhile to travel so far from Winnipeg for drug addiction treatment. Sometimes a complete change of location is exactly what is needed, and there is no better place than beautiful Caledon, Ontario. Here, you will be able to leave behind all of the stress and chaos of your regular life. You will be free from harmful distractions, negative influences and troubled relationships. In this beautiful setting, you will be able to focus on your own healing and self-improvement. By the time you leave, you will be equipped to go back to the “real world”.

It’s Not Too Soon Or Too Late

People with addictions are encouraged to seek help as soon as they recognize that they have a problem. Even if you think your addiction is “not that bad”, continuing down that path could result in permanent damage or a great deal of heartbreak. Come to us now, and let us help you get your life on a different, more positive track. At the same time, it is never too late to seek help. Even if you think that things are so bad that they cannot get better, we can help you. Call us today for information about how to get started on the next phase of your life.