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When Should You Provide a Friend With Addiction Rehab Support?

If you are reading this then there is a good chance you might know someone who is suffering from a serious drug addiction. Such an addiction can be dangerous to not only the individual but also to everyone that person knows. However, many addicts are not willing to find help as they feel that they are fine and safe.

You must be prepared to find help for your friend as soon as possible. There are many signs of a significant drug addiction that must be observed so you can give your friend the help that one demands before it is too late. There will certainly be a need to look for help as required to keep such an issue from being more of a threat to one’s life.

Dramatic Changes In One’s Appearance

A person who shows a variety of changes in one’s appearance will certainly require treatment. These include changes where a person has not been grooming himself or herself properly. This can entail a terrible smell, dishevelled hair and cases where one hasn’t shaved properly. A person will stop taking care of oneself when using drugs as the brain will have changed rather significantly.

In addition, a person may experience a sudden gain or loss in weight. This is especially the case with drugs that might wear out muscle tissues all around the body.

Speech Issues

You will need to get help for anyone who experiences speech issues. These include problems like slurred speech, delayed reactions and cases of forgetfulness. Many people often misinterpret these as signs of a stroke but in reality they can easily be signs of someone’s brain functioning improperly due to drug use. Of course, a person may also be at a higher risk of developing a stroke when using drugs, thus making it harder for someone to stay healthy.

Changes In One’s Appetite

There are often cases where a person might have significant appetite changes as a result of using drugs. Some may cause a person to eat more while others will cause a person to feel unable to eat. This is especially when a drug causes a person to become too weak over time to actually eat anything.

Sleep Disturbances

Many people who use drugs will become alert to the point where they cannot sleep properly. This causes their bodies to suffer from more fatigue than needed. Worst of all, many people who stay awake aren’t aware of the harm they are imposing onto their bodies.

Meanwhile, some people will start to sleep more and even become drowsy during the day. This is often a sign of a person using drugs that depress the brain’s functions and keep it from being as alert as it should be. This in turn makes it harder for the body to stay healthy and in control of itself.

Be observant in terms of how any friend you have who is exhibiting problems with drugs may behave. You must get anyone who has serious behaviour issues the help one demands in order to keep one’s life from going further downhill than it already has.

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