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Moving beyond Guilt in Alcoholism Recovery

When a person gets into addiction recovery, the guilt of becoming a prey to addiction often takes them over. At this point in their life when they are trying to become sober, guilt can make the process of recovery difficult for them. An addict in the recovery process needs to break away from guilt to lead a life of sobriety and come out clean from the phase of recovery. People in recovery may be forgiven by others, but in many cases, they do not forgive themselves, hence making it difficult for them to work positively towards rehab.

What needs to be done to move out of the guilt and walk towards the clean side of the street? It is important to let go of the guilt in you and break away from the past. Here are the four steps to help you move forward and away from the past.

1.    Own Your Guilt

It is important to acknowledge that you feel guilty of what you have done. Guilt is just like cancer; it grows, tortures, confines, and tends to destroy you. It is important to acknowledge the guilt and ignoring it might prove toxic for you. Unless you approach your guilt head on, it will not let you move forward in the process of recovery. It is, therefore, important that you not only own your guilt but also work towards making it a positive stimulus to motivate you through the process of recovery.

2.    Grieve, but in a healthy environment and Manner

Feeling the loss of past is okay as long as it does not hinder your way to the future change. It is important to understand that the things we consider useless can work to fertilize the future that we may cherish later. The worst parts of your life can harvest a future that may determine the entire course of your life later. Therefore, grieve, but don’t give in to grief.

3.    Apply Changes and be Vigilant

Pay attention to the things you are exposing yourself to and watch your influences. It is important to tell yourself that you have made a mistake and it is only you who can make it better. It is time that you learn from your mistake and make changes in yourself and in your life to reduce the risk of relapsing into the same guilt you are trying to break away from.

4.    Maneuver with Grace

Once you have decided to break away from your guilt, you should forget about the past and move forward with a positive outlook on life. Grace is what you need in your life now to cover the pain, hurt and loss. Be kind with yourself and give yourself time to recover. You have to understand and convince yourself that addiction was your past and there is a bright healthy future waiting ahead.

It is important that you deal with your guilt and try to break away from the past that is hindering you in your way to move forward.

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