Drug Addiction among Canadian Teens Facts and Figures

Drug addiction and abuse among Canadian teens is on the rise. According to the statistics, more than 60% of the drug users are between the age of 15 and 24 years. The growing number of Canadian teens falling prey to the fancy world of drugs is alarming. Popular Drugs in Canada LSD Marijuana Cocaine Ketamine [...]

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Alcoholism— A Growing Problem among Canadians

Alcohol Addiction in Canada A few cocktails after coming home from work, a glass of wine with dinner or a cold beer with a friend — drinking is an ingrained ritual for most of the Canadians. Whether you are celebrating something or just trying to unwind yourself after a tiring day, alcohol is something that [...]

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5 tools for Building a Sober Life

Staying Sober Motivation is the primary force behind addiction; it is also the driving force in the recovery process. Motivation can take away from us the destruction and chaos that comes with addiction, steering us into a sober and clean life. Once you have undergone the recovery process, it is important for you to stay [...]

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The Truth about Marijuana – Effects and Addiction

Marijuana, the dried leaves, stems, flowers and the seeds from the hemp plant are one of the most popular and commonly used drugs in the United States. Containing delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a mind altering chemical, Marijuana is widely used by the younger generation. The rate of marijuana users is increasing every single passing minute – it [...]

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Meditation as an Addiction Recovery Solution

Recovering from addiction requires a lot of focus and sound mental health. Focus doesn’t come easily and can only be achieved through practice. One of the many means of attaining focus is through meditation. Meditation is an effective way to combat addiction as it increases the will power and self control of an individual, providing [...]

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Life after Addiction Recovery

Life after Recovery – Getting Back on Your Personal and Professional Pathways Adjusting to everyday life can be stressful and difficult after the addict gets discharged from rehab. It is pretty common to relapse into the old habits and patterns within the first few weeks of getting discharged. One of the major aspects of a [...]

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Exercise and How It Links to Addiction Recovery

One of the first things that a person neglects when they become a victim to addiction is their health. Addiction to drugs and alcohol adversely affects the physical and emotional well being of a person. The physical damages of chemical dependency affect many body functions. Exercising in addiction recovery treatment is an important factor that [...]

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